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Interaktiver Vortrag: Enneagramm 1.0 – 4.0

26.08.2019 - 06.09.2019

ProFIEL - Universal principles in human diversity

          … for better understanding @ work and everywhere

An experienced program, based on a Master Thesis in 2007 for AKAD University Stuttgart in cooperation with University Hamburg. It has been performed in various companies (e.g. Karlsruhe Institute for Technology KIT, biggest european research foundation) and evaluated two times. Result: improvement of quality and outcome for the evaluated relationships at work:

                           50-60 % within a few months.

The book about the studies:
Sabine Gramm: “Menschenkenntnis. Kernkompetenz im Human Resources Management“
Grin Verlag, Norderstedt/Germany 2007, ISBN 978-3-656-67011-7

It’s aligned with the very successful program „Improving Selfawareness and Relationships“  from Pole Formation for Airbus Group in France and Germany, facilitated by an international team of 14 trainers, I am part of, since more than 12 years (more than 120 groups with about 1.200 participants).

Module 1:Wo am I?
Funded Selfawareness

3 Centers of Intelligence and their qualities, 9 different patterns in thinking, feeling and doing, 9 different options in us, values, lines of attention, life strategies: Ontogram.


Module 2: How can I unfold my inner self
Individual Development            

Horizontal and vertical unfoldmentment for each of these 9 patterns, experiences for body, mind and soul in diving into all of them with Somatic focusing: Anthropogram.


Module 3: Who are the others?

Elemental Knowledge of Human Nature                               

The 9 patterns seen in the perspective of 9 different sets of values and focus of attention. Clustered in 4 different world views plus 1 provides a tool to ease cooperations. The  9 principles manifested in collective groups, mentalities, branches, sectors, fields, religions ... in the world: Unigram.

Module 4: How to handle with them?

Lively Communication                                                 

Differential Psychology of Communication by Schulz von Thun, how to solve conflicts through building individual bridges in communication to each other in using the 9 principles in a practical way: Communigram.


Coaching Process: How can I personally use this methods?
Implementation in daily working life

3 Coaching sessions for both: reflecting on own patterns and finding solution strategies for at least 3 difficult relationships at work. Using the Psychology of C. Jung about the differences in consciousness and subconsciousness and the relations between the 9 principles.


Certificate:  ProFIEL®Expert in Human Grammar


Each module lasts 1 day. Modules 1,3,4 can be booked separately. The entire program includes  3 coaching sessions for every participant, personally or via Skype. All training days include meditation exercises for relaxation.  

ProFIEL® Global Program - english 

ProFIEL® Global Program - chinese

ProFIEL® Global Program - deutsch