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Interaktiver Vortrag: Enneagramm 1.0 – 4.0

26.08.2019 - 06.09.2019

Ecology in Working Relationships

You want to bring more awareness in your working environment to introduce carefully some useful changes? Or in your private life too? For better results and more confidence for all of you? Welcome, that's what we are working for. Our mission is to raise the awareness for human diversity: for more selfawareness, better understanding, more tolerance and higher performance. Professional knowledge of human nature in combination with smart tools from international communication and leadership schools enables us to create fitting ways to reach others in their minds and hearts. We want you to cooperate more easily and successfully with all kinds of characters and mentalities: in business and private life - regional and globally. 

The following program is a compact variation of our collected and developed wisdom. It contents 3 modules. Each of them lasts 5 days. All is approved in different companies since many years, e.g. Airbus Group (France and Germany), KIT (biggest european research foundation in Karlsruhe/Germany), Physikinstrumente (Germany), TetraPak (France),

               ... now we offer it    all around the globe.

                                EWR Global Certification program - english

                                EWR Global Certification program - chinese

                                EWR Global Certification program - german


1. Module: Who are we?  
Improving Selfawarenss and Relationships                           

Wisdom of the centers of Intelligence, Selfawareness, Knowledge of Human Nature, Ontogram, Enneagram, EnneaMotion, Psychology of Carl Jung, Differential Psychology by Prof. Schulz von Thun, Human Grammar


2. Module: How can we work together efficiently?
Improving Teamwork & Leadership

Intercultural Teamwork, Transactional Analysis, Nonviolent Communication, Cosmogram, Conflicts, Leadership, Role Theory, Team Dynamics, Motivation, Coaching,  international Delegation.


3. Module: How can we align human needs, organizational priorities & contribution to the world?
Improving Organization & Integral Globalization

Principles of Efficient Management, Corporate Culture, Cultural Differences, Holistic World View, Unigram, Integral Personalities, Meditation, Presentation of Master Pieces



Global Certificate for Modules 1-3:   Master in Working Relationships


Each module lasts 5 days. Modules 1-3 can be booked separately. Module 1 and 2 include 6 coaching sessions each for every participant via Skype in english with Patrick or Sabine, or as a possible alternative  with a colleague of them in chinese language.

All training days include Taichi Chuan exercises and meditation for relaxation.



We are looking forward to a human successful relationship with you!