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Interaktiver Vortrag: Enneagramm 1.0 – 4.0

26.08.2019 - 06.09.2019

ProFIEL - Education + Healthcoaching

Sabine Tischer

Trainer, Business- and Healthcoach

Business- and Healthcoach (DBVC), Führungsakad. KA
Expert for Coaching in Organizations (DBVC)
Expert for Burnout (VFP), Paracelsus Karlsruhe, 
Expert in Diets (D.N.I.), Deutsches Naturveda-Institut
ProFIEL® Expert in Human Nature, ProGramm in Ascona
Train the Trainer (IHK)

Languages: Deutsch, Russisch
Residence: Karlsruhe, Germany

You can't loose time 
by following your own rhythm.



Furthermore we are members of different international trainer teams we work together on a regular basis. This makes sure to maintain high quality standards with experienced trainers, also for big orders.



International Affairs + Organizational Development

Patrick Ferrieux

Coach, Trainer and Consultant for personal and organizational development

Master of Engineering (Ecole Centrale de Paris),
ISO 9001 auditor
Transactional Analysis (certification in progress)
Enneagram trainer
Tai Chi Chuan teacher
Zen monk

Languages: French, English, German, Italian
Residence: Paris, France

Peace empowers!






Research + Program Development

Sabine Gramm 

Coach, Trainer, Consultant for Human Resources and Personal Development, Author 

Bank Business Management (Deutsche Bank, Germany)
Diploma in Oeconomics (FH, AKAD University, Stuttgart / Germany) 
Coach, Trainer and Consultant in Communication (Schulz-von-Thun-Institut, Hamburg/Germany)
Enneagram Master Teacher (Enneagram Institute, New York)
EnneaMotion + Somatic Focusing Trainerin + Coach (Andrea Isaacs, Colorado)

Languages: German, English
Residence: Ettlingen / Karlsruhe, Germany

Knowledge of Human Nature is art
that leads to a new way of vibrant social life.