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26.08.2019 - 06.09.2019

Improving Selfawareness and Relationships


In 2015 I was joining the program “Improving Selfawareness and Relationships” in Bremen with Sabine Gramm as a trainer. My impressions are the following:

This training enables to discover own autopilots. It helps to identify new possible ways to behave differently and building constructive relationships to others. I was impressed by the fruitful interactions with the trainer, who encouraged  a very open minded atmosphere and good spirit at every single day of the training and in the coaching sessions as well. As a manager of 500 people as well as team member I am now in a position to better understand my behavior and that from others.

Sabine Gramm explained the models and methods very carefully and professionally. She is very clear in mind, calm in guiding the group and inspiring to encourage for participating at the exercises. This enabled all of us to follow the training content all the time. A lot of interaction allowed to practice the theoretical models into practice / reality. Understanding the content was high priority rather than “Drumbeating” to reach milestones of the training agenda. With deep understanding of the background she was able to answer all the questions. And we had fun too. The group really grew together to a very interconnected, reflecting team within these four days.

In the Coaching sessions Sabine Gramm was listening in a very sensitive and trustworthy way to the topics of my daily life I was bringing with me. She understood to connect it with the insights of the training, building a bridge to it, to find solutions. So I learned step by step to become more autonomous in these insights. Sometimes she also gave more knowledge and tips beyond the agenda of the training days, how to handle tricky situations, which always worked out very well in reality.

This training has got a long-term effect. We learned to understand human differences like the grammar of a nonverbal language. Especially as a leader I still benefit from it very much in daily working life, both in conflict resolution and knowing how to motivate different people.

I highly recommend this program and Sabine Gramm for both employees and leaders. I also would appreciate a follow up to deepen the topic “Improving Relationships”. And I recommend Sabine Gramm for further training and coaching sessions, also in other soft skills and leadership topics.

Rolf Franzen
Head of Parts Production Bremen
Premium AEROTEC GmbH (AIRBUS Group)


Through the training 'Improving Self-awareness / Sich Verstehen' starting in 2015, I got to know Sabine as a highly-qualified and thorough trainer and coach. Sabine was able to create a great atmosphere in the group, where everybody felt at ease and open for new experiences or ways for looking at things. She formed a great team with her colleague to enable the group to work on interpersonal interaction and personal reflections to enable a better self-awareness.

As a coach she was great to aid in personal reflection, to address personal difficulties and provided 'tools' to overcome them. I find her very responsive to input or questions coming from the group and she is able to adapt well to the group wishes or changing environments. I admire her capabilities to address such personal awareness topics with the group in a manner where everybody in the group (including herself) feels confident and secure.

She really helped me and some colleagues on a path to discover more about ourselves and our interaction with the surroundings.

Dr. Patricia Parlevliet
Research specialist at Airbus Central R&T


I participated in the training “IMPROVING SELF-AWARENESS & RELATIONSHIPS” headed by Sabine Gramm and I was absolutely impressed. Sabine is an excellent coach and trainer, and she has an outstanding ability to inspire people to move forward. During the course we learned to become aware of our individual behaviours and the motivations behind it. This was a key experience enabling the participants to better understand themselves and others, and in particular to create a more effective, team oriented and stimulating working environment. Sabine´s personality, experience and exceptional skills as a trainer made the training to the best in soft skills I experienced in my professional life. In short: Excellent, 5 Stars.

Volker Willems
European Patent Attorney,

Head of Intellectual Property Operations
AIRBUS Group, Ottobrunn


More participants after 4 training days and 3 Coaching lessons each,
taken from the evaluation sheets, which usually are anonymous

"This was the best training during my time for AIRBUS."
AIRBUS, Hamburg 2015

"Expectations overexceeded."
AIRBUS, Hamburg 2015

"Trainers Sabine and Patrick were excellent and helped to "zum Punkt bringen."
AIRBUS, Hamburg 2015

"I could not imagina better trainers."
AIRBUS, Manching 2015

"One of the strengths of this training were the great trainers."
AIRBUS, Manching 2015

"Perfectly done. I really appreciate to have been part of it! Thanks!"
AIRBUS, Hamburg 2015

"The best course about Selfawareness which I ever have taken."
AIRBUS, Hamburg 2015

"This is a must for every future manager, but also for experienced managers to calibrate their management styles. This seminar can make a difference. It initiates a personal development."
AIRBUS Helicopters, Ottobrunn 2016

"One of the most valuable trainings I ever had."
AIRBUS, Ottobrunn 2016

"As a manager as well as team member I am now in a position to better understand my behaviour an that from others. Very good spirit and atmosphere!"
AIRBUS, Bremen 2016

"One of the best seminars on this topic I have ever attended. Extremely practical use for professional and private life."
AIRBUS Defence and Space, Ottobrunn 2016