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Interaktiver Vortrag: Enneagramm 1.0 – 4.0

26.08.2019 - 06.09.2019

Success is human.

Are you happy at work?

Or do you experience Cold and Hot Wars like rivalry, mobbing, resignation, work-to-rule-mentalities or other forms of refusals to cooperate, collaborate or work together? Have you ever witnessed colleagues being stressed out because of bad working relationships, becoming ulcerated stomach, tinnitus, burnout or other diseases? Does this reduce joy at work and paralyze productivity? Do you sometimes dream of a more inspiring working atmosphere, more team spirit and more success?

Than we are on the same page and can let it come true together :-) 
Since more than 25 years I learn from the best schools in the world about the knowledge of human nature, the different  communication styles and behaviors. It led to an innovative map through the jungle of human behavior with very powerful methods:



Systemic-logical basics of human diversity, behavior and communication

Simple. Global. Effective.


The system is based on an outstanding interdisciplinary and inter-university Master Thesis in 2006/07: “A concept to increase both productivity and confidence by knowledge of human nature as core competency in Human Resources Management.”  with Prof. Schulz von Thun / University Hamburg and Prof. Kempkes/ AKAD University Stuttgart

Since this time it has been developed further to the program 



4 training days and 3 coaching sessions each.

Global language of human diversity.

Learn more


We measure things:


Two scientific studies with 2 companies and 3 universities have measured independently from each other for both employees and leaders an improvement of:



within 3-6 months

for 50-60% 

in their difficult relationships at work, sustainably!
It has been published as a book in german language.


International success

"Improving Selfawareness and Relationships”
Since more than 10 years this format is running in a worldwide company. More than 1.200 people already participated it in 3 different languages.Are you curious to know, what opinion a former participant, a manager of 500 people has to that? Learn more

"The Enneagram and Schulz von Thun's Psychology of Differential Communication"
In 2012 an article with 30 pages about parts of the Human Grammar has been published in an international trade journal: Journal und Article 

"Comparing the Enneagram and Schulz von Thun's Psychology of Differential Communication results in a New View of the Symbol"
In 2013 I have been invited to an international conference in Denver/Colorado to present the system. Catalogue of the Conference page 18  and Flyer.

In the meantime we've gone beyond any personality model. 


We don’t approach your company in making diagnosis with expensive, licensed programs and disappear again. We teach you the essence of it, the grammar. With us you learn the global language of human diversity, behavior and communication. After a little time of practice you will be enabled to respond adequately to every problem with other people you are interacting with on your own. You will both guiding and motivating people more easily, understanding your colleagues and superiors better and to keep people with unhealthy behavior at bay. You also will understand other mentalities on the international platform better and cooperate with extended knowledge about the differences and how to use them in a constructive way more easily.

Success is human in the first place:
from people, with people and for people!

Do you feel the same?
Are you ready for less stress and conflicts
and instead more joy and better results at work?  

Than we are ready for you too,
looking forward to get to know you,

Sabine Gramm & Team


P.S.: The rules work the same in private life and might support you there as well