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The best education…

…a human being can have is the knowledge about himself. Who am I? What do I want? What is inside of me? This knowledge is a precious treasure. The only one, that really counts. To understand the true self was the orientation for live as given by the Oracle of Delphi in ancient Greece: Know thyself!

It is only a small step from finding yourself to understanding human beings. And whoever is able to look at the world through the eyes of others and speak their „typical languages“, has opened the door to personal success, because he is getting along much better in different areas: professional, in the family, intercultural, religious, national and global. The universal laws of communication are pretty much the same wherever you are.

Human communication with yourself and others based on current research and a state of the art methodology, in form of speeches, coaching, workshops and seminars: All this and more can be explored at the INSTITUTE for WORKING RELATIONSHIPS.

Whenever you recognize potential for improvement in your professional and private live to reduce speechlessness, misunderstanding, a blocking attitude, hidden or open conflicts, mobbing, burnout, internal and external attitude resignation, then you are ready for our INSTITUTE for WORKING RELATIONSHIPS. Here you can find the ways for better communication, more tolerance, team work and how to organize successful teams to generate human richness. Scientific studies show that your investment pays off manyfold not only financially, but also time- and healthwise. And even better: It is fun!

In the beginning was the word.
Words create reality.
They change ourselves and the world.

We are looking forward to exchanging the first words with you.
Let’s communicate with each other successfully.

Sabine Gramm & Team

Frühlingstr. 11
D-76276 Ettlingen